About Us

We have successfully developed and mass production more than 1000 models of Battery Pack, Battery Management System, Battery Management bms etc. In 2021, increase new production line for battery packs. Our products cover battery assembly series 1-35 series, working current can be 400A and also have the assemble line for multi-series battery pack. Our products are widely used in wind energy storage system, home energy storage system, UPS backup power, car start power, communication base station power, mining emergency equipment, solar streetlights, and other fields. The business scope is based on China and radiates to Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, Spain, the United States, Italy, and other overseas countries, and is highly praised by customers all over the world.
Our BMS& Battery Pack comply with the RoHS, CE, quality control system passed ISO9001, ISO14001. Our quality and environmental protection concepts have been unanimously praised by customers. LWS insists on: creating value for customers and creating benefits for society, we are dedicated to enabling customers to satisfy using our lithium battery protection board. Cooperate with you, develop together, and create a better future!

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