Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary, Shenzhen Li-ion Battery Bodyguard Technology Co., Ltd. Had A Team Building Activity - A Trip to Xiamen


   Xiamen, September 18, 2023 - Shenzhen LithiGuard Technology Co., Ltd. recently held a grand 10th anniversary team-building event, providing company employees with an unforgettable trip to Xiamen. During the event, the company employees took a sailing boat out to sea and visited the famous Gulangyu Island and Nanputuo Temple and other scenic spots, and spent a pleasant and fulfilling time together.

  As a company focusing on new energy technology and battery safety, Shenzhen Lithium Guard Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved significant development and achievements in the past decade. In order to thank employees for their hard work and dedication, the company decided to hold a special team-building event to celebrate the company's tenth anniversary.   In this team building activity, the company chose Xiamen as the destination, a city full of charm, history and culture. On the first day of the event, all employees gathered at the Xiamen Pier, boarded a luxury sailboat, and began an exciting trip to sea.

  The sailboat was flying on the blue sea, and the employees enjoyed the refreshing feeling of the sea breeze on their faces. Everyone participated in various water activities, such as rowing, snorkeling and swimming, and felt the infinite charm of the ocean. This not only enhances the team spirit among employees, but also inspires their courage and challenge spirit.

  The next day, the team came to the famous Gulangyu Island. Gulangyu Island is a small island in Xiamen City, famous for its unique architectural style and strong cultural atmosphere. Employees walked around the island admiring the beautiful architecture and scenery. Everyone also visited some historical buildings and museums and learned about the history and culture of Gulangyu Island.

  On the last day, the group visited Nanputuo Temple, a famous Buddhist holy site. Everyone was immersed in the peaceful atmosphere in the temple and listened to Buddhist teachings and wisdom. This visit not only made employees feel the power of religious belief, but also gave them deeper thinking about life and work.

  Throughout the team-building activities, the company's employees showed positive teamwork spirit and vitality. Everyone supported and encouraged each other and spent a pleasant and unforgettable time together. This trip to Xiamen not only enhanced the cohesion and sense of belonging among employees, but also brought them new inspiration and thinking.

  The 10th anniversary team-building activity of Shenzhen Lithium Guard Technology Co., Ltd. is not only a review and celebration of the company's development, but also an affirmation and gratitude to the employees for their hard work. Through this event, the company demonstrated its emphasis on employee welfare and team building, as well as its positive corporate culture.

  Looking to the future, Shenzhen Lithium Guard Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product research and development to provide safer and more reliable solutions for the new energy field. The company will take the 10th anniversary team-building event as an opportunity to further stimulate employees' work enthusiasm and creativity and promote the company's sustainable development in the industry.