2S 5A PCM for 7.4V (2S) Li-ion Battery Packs
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2S 5A PCM for 7.4V (2S) Li-ion Battery Packs

LWS® is a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and client service of multi-series and power type lithium battery protection boards. Our LWS BMS 2S 5A PCM for 7.4V (2S) Li-ion Battery Packs have passed CE, RoHS. We have been specialized in bms production for many years. Our products have a good quality advantage, both with high-precision E-Testing, 100% testing.

Model: LWS-2S5A-107

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Product Description

Product Introduction

LWS® battery protection board always monitor the state of battery, when 4.25V or so to stop charging, the battery voltage is lower than 2.7 V or so to stop discharging, limit the output current, output short circuit to stop discharging, delay self-recovery, intelligent control of charging current, prevent damage to the battery, can greatly improve the service life of lithium battery.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Shenzhen Li-ion Battery Bodyguard Technology Co.,LTD
PCM Specifications  For LWS® 7.4V (2S) Li-ion Battery Packs
No. Test item Criterion
1 Voltage Charging voltage DC:8.4V  CC/CV
Single balanced voltage 4.2V±0.025V
Current Balance current for single cell 42±10mA
Current consumption
Maximal continuous charging current 5A
Maximal continuous Discharging current 5A
3 Over charge Protection(single cell)
Overcharge detection voltage
Over charge detection delay time 0.5—1.5S
Over charge release voltage for single cell 4.05±0.05V
Over discharge protection (single cell)
Over discharge detection voltage for single cell
Over discharge detection delay time 50mS—150mS
Over current protection
Over current detection voltage 200±25mv
Charge Over current detection
Detection delay time 5—20mS
Release condition Cut load,Automatic recovery

Short protection
Detection condition
Exterior short circuit
Detection delay time 200—500uS
Release condition Cut load,Automatic recovery
Resistance Protection  circuitry(MOSFET)
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range

Product Feature and Application

Our 2S 5A PCM for 7.4V (2S) Li-ion Battery Packs can be used for solar street light, LED lights, Emergency lights, Digital Equipment,electric scooter,e-bike,electric tricycle,low speed ev,RV& Home energy storage,electric tool, etc.

Product Details

2S 7.4V 5A lithium-ion battery protection board is suitable for 2 series 1A-5A Li-ion and LiFePO4 battery packs.
It has table various charge and discharge protection functions, such as accurate overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection.
The BMS manufactured by high quality Mos and IC imported .
The Balance function could balancing continuous balanced Voltage and current, ensure battery consistency, improve battery cruising range, and delay battery aging.
And support high quality Temperature protection:65℃ or 75℃ , when the temperature rises to the operating temperature value, the circuit is cut off/on to protect the battery pack.
This BMS protects 2 lithium batteries cells connected in series from overcharging, over-discharging, over current, and short-circuit.


1) Wire connection strictly according to the drawing, do not intentionally short circuit.
2) Before charged, need to connect the cables first.
3) When the group of battery is connected in series, ensure that the voltage of each group of batteries voltage is the same. If not, fill each group of batteries separately before connecting them in series. In discharge tests, the group of cells with the fastest voltage drop is the differential cell.

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